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Pickup Truck Rental is a transport company based in Dubai that offers services near me.  Therefore, we have built a significant reputation and credibility. Firstly, we just don’t move or relocate- we become a part of a solution and an important process.

Truck rental services near me partners have helped over 1000 residents and businesses with their moving or relocation requirements. Have a look at our service catalog below:

Residential Movers

We do over 300 residential moving jobs a month all over the UAE and we have been doing that for decades. Once you do something for so long, you naturally get good at it. No wonder we are the known industry experts who offer high-quality residential moving services on-time and at least 30% below market prices, of our experience, skills, reliability and wide network of service providers.

Commercial Movers

One of the niche Truck Rental services near me we undertake effectively is commercial moving. Whether you are an office, retail outlet or factory, we have the expertise to ensure your moving is done-stress free. Our experienced and skilled movers, with our reliable fleet of moving vehicles, will ensure that we have will have you relocated from point A to point B in no time and with minimal disruption to your business.


Although pickup trucks belong in the medium-sized truck, it is still more useful compared to your regular-sized vehicles such as a car, for unlike a small-sized car, pickup trucks have bigger space for carrying heavy stuff and can be used when traveling where the roads are less favorable.

Big pickup trucks can also carry heavy machinery, transport bikes, motorcycles and most importantly carry a huge amount of people.

This type of vehicle can also be used for carrying heavy loads of produce from farms to deliver to market places that sell these products to the people.

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